A Engineer Life | Pakistani students prepare low-cost device check-out vehicles

According to Express, student of Aurra University, Abtabbal, has developed a automated marble testing machine with his colleagues, which can be identified as the deterioration of automotive vehicles. Vehicle glasses are checked manually and traditionally, which takes 30 seconds to watch an mirror. On the other hand, a modern device made by students can work only in 30 seconds, if it is introduced across Pakistan, it will save a lot of time and money. Abu Talib, Mohammad Shamsher ur Rehman and Abu Huraira Mehboob of Electronic Engineering Department at the Iqra University have made it in just 9 months, automotive and man-made functions are kept in this machine. If there is any problem in the automotive system in such a way, the manul will continue to work properly and do not maintain the constitution.

Pakistani students have created automatic system searching for vulnerabilities in the mirror (Side Mirror) installed on the sides of the vehicle, which is worth Rs 2 lakh in some countries, but the students have prepared this one and a half lakh rupees.

In the year 2017, during the inter-ship in a private car company, Abu Talib saw that glasses of automotive vehicles take about 10 parts and parts and then the mirror is tested. Abu Talib noted that the worker takes time for 10 minutes to check the mirror, in which he examines whether the glass is rotating on the thigh hood or not. Given this shortage, Abitabl made Automated Mirror Testing Machine that can detect every part or part of the mirror of the mirror. Low-cost sensors have been used in this machine. In some countries, this machine is being used, which is worth Rs. 2 lakh, but the cost of Abu Talib creation has cost only Rs 1.5 lakhs. In a way that 400 glasses are checked out in a shift, 800 glasses can be checked from this machine. This project will be presented this year in a competition at Stamford International University of Thailand, where it is a clear possibility of complete repatriation.